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Upcoming Exhibitions

18th June - 15th August 2020. Summer Small Works - Group Exhibition.

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. BC. Canada. 

Current Exhibitions

27th May - 4th June 2020. Transitions and Displacements - Group Exhibition.
Rome. Italy. 

Work on Display

In Canada:

Craidelonna Oceanedge Lodging - BC

In the UK:

ArtPistol Gallery - Glasgow

A Little Contemporary Gallery - Hebden Bridge


Marcus Jake originally from the UK, now living in Victoria BC, Canada. 


Abstract and Mixed Media Artist.

Exhibiting internationally.

Born in '71, Marcus Jake was brought up in house that had the smell of darkroom chemicals, at the age of 10 he was developing his own negatives and prints. For much of his youth musicians and creatives were part of the furniture of his home, which in many ways influenced his choice of creative outlet from being a teenager till mid 30’s as a musician, but always there was a desire to express visually. In 2009 he picked up a camera again. Through a collaboration with a close friend he once again found himself on a strangely familiar path.

Over the next few years he won awards, had various editorials for print magazines. With a desire for a change he embarked on a degree course in photography. Gaining a Certificate of Higher Education in Photography in his first year, he decided that the course was not quite the right fit for him and interviewed for the Fine Art Degree course, he was accepted immediately. He went on to gain BA (HONS) Fine Art Degree.


Jake’s style and work is instantly recognisable, he has exhibited internationally and has an international client base.


His current work is an amalgamation of everything that has been learned up to this point. It has taken a hundred wrong turns, an uncountable amount of mistakes, a determination and self-belief that refuses to give up but is not so stubborn that it can also learn from constructive criticism. It is a unique and appealing style, edgy whilst beautiful.

There are three distinct, yet cohesive bodies of work that are at the forefront of Jake’s repertoire; Abstract Paintings, 'No Borders’, Mixed Media Humanity, 'Points in Time’ and Mixed Media Nature, 'One Day Like This’.  There is a level of detail in these pieces that persuades the viewer to revisit - discovering new secrets each time.


Abstract Paintings, ‘No Borders’


“Have you ever tried to explain something without using words?  When I am painting I am predominantly in a meditative, dream world - I have created a direct link to my ‘soul’, this flows out onto the canvas with vibrancy and a deep connection to the emotional energy that is based in feelings, rather than words - if I were to give you an audible dialogue of what was going on in this world it would be gibberish.


I am for the most part kinesthetic, meaning that for me, I learn and I think in feelings, rather than audibly or visually.


My latest body of abstract work is based on my new environment, having recently moved to BC from the UK. Each painting is made up of many layers, creating depth and texture.


The colours used, the movement and energy of paint application are directly connected to the energy and feeling of the environment that I now find myself in. Because the subject matter is predominantly environmental, the result of this process creates abstract seascapes and abstract landscapes full of narrative, meaning and deep connection. Each individual painting could be based on the sense / perception of an area I have visited or just as easily be more than one place that has been combined together.”


Mixed Media Humanity, ‘Points in Time’


“Points in Time is a series of mixed media pieces that portray hope, love, connection and courage.  Each multi layered piece contains an authentic balance, yin and yang; strength, beauty, bravery, vulnerability and compassion, without ignoring or shying away from the feelings and emotions that come from heartbreak, sadness, loss, depression and shame.  These artworks are essentially mirrors, the narrative speaks of our shared journey’s and of our healing. Who we become when we show the courage and vulnerability to walk the path through to healing and correction, to be in fear of the unknown and what may be ahead, but to step right outside our comfort zone and walk the path anyway, whilst allowing others to witness this vulnerable part of who we are. This is real courage, strength and authentic vulnerability.


What started as a healing process for myself soon became a much larger project. The more people I photographed, the more of people’s tender stories were shared and the more of their vulnerability that was shared the more strength, courage and hope I was able to see.  This has also been reflected back to me at exhibitions and from clients I have sold to, with many people finding a deep connection to my work, complete strangers wanting to share their intimate stories with me.


Like in life where different perspectives are able to afford you a different understanding, the artworks have been designed to drastically change, depending on how the light shines upon them, revealing previously unseen depths and meanings.”


Mixed Media Nature, ‘One Day Like This’


“The series of work that makes up the ‘One Day Like This’ series has been a way for me to explore my environment.


The process is a combination of abstract art and photography.


The abstract portion of the artwork is very much based on feeling, the energy of the piece, whereas the photograph is the very real visual portrayal of the subject, although this drastically changes when the two are combined.


This body of work contains a connection between the projects; Mixed Media Portraits - Points in Time & Abstract Paintings - No Borders. The connection between abstract paintings is more obvious as this work uses abstract art as its background, its grounding layer if you like. Like the larger abstract work, the process for creating the ‘backgrounds’ is the same. Where it gets really interesting is the connection that this project has to the ‘Points in Time’ body of work. The predominant subject matter in this project is trees, a symbol for life itself.  I have tried to capture a sense of courage and vulnerability within each of these pieces, mirroring the subject matter from ‘Points in Time’.


Even though I have used people as the subject matter in ‘Points in Time’, the fact that we are all energetically connected to the earth, to nature, to animals and plant life, to trees. Who is to say that the same energy doesn’t exist between us all? I believe a tree can portray all the emotions we as humans feel and in part this is what I am exploring within this project.”


BA Honours Degree Fine Art

Diploma of Higher Education Fine Art

Certificate of Higher Education in Photography


2014 – Clarke Willmott Emerging Artist Award – Final Selection

2014 – ModelInScene, Competition Winner – Natural Beauty Category

2012 – Official Nominee, Black and White Spider Awards – Nude Category

2011 – Official selection, Prix de la Photographie – Fine Art Category

2011 – Bronze Award, International Loupe Awards – Medium Format Fine Art Category

2010 -Bronze Award for International Aperture Awards – Wedding Photography Category

Past Exhibitions:

2019 - The Other Art Fair. Victoria House. London, UK

2019 - TD Art Gallery Paint In. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Moss St. Victoria BC.

2019 - Art Vancouver 'Uniting Nations Through Art' - Vancouver Convention Centre

2019 – Flux Spring Exhibition - The National Army Museum Chelsea. London.

2019 - The Talented Art Fair - Truman Brewery. London.

2018 – Brigadistas Return. Ajuntament de Malgrat de Mar. Spain.

2018 -  Figure and Form – Lingwood Samuel Gallery. Godalming, Surrey.

2018 – FPS at the Muse - The Muse Gallery Portobello Road. London.

2018 – Flux Spring Exhibition – Chelsea University of the Arts. London

2017 – Flux Summer Exhibition – Chelsea University of the Arts. London

2016 – Flux Exhibition – Truman Brewery. London.

2016 – Tribe16 Art Festival – Ugly Duck. London.

2016 – Exhibit Here Summer Exhibition – The Menier Gallery. London

2015 – FLUX Exhibition – Royal College of Art. Kensington. London

2015 – Arnolfini – The Other Art Fair. Bristol

2014 – 13 The Gallery – Islington. London

2014 – Clarke Willmott – Emerging Artist. Bristol.

2013 – Essence Art Exhibition, Hallam Conference Centre. London.

2013 – Bristol – Palimpsest, as a reflective form. Bristol

2013 – The Parlour Showrooms – Duende. Bristol

2013 – My Painted House – Alma Vale. Bristol

2013 – The Start Project – The Masquerade. Bristol

2013 – The Start Project – Intel vs Intelligence. Bristol

2013 – Spike Island – Spike Open, UWE submission. Bristol

2012 – The Island Gallery – ‘unseen reflections’. Bristol


2015 – Femme Rebelle (Print)

2015 – Model Society Magazine (Print)

2014 – Clear Nude (Print)

2014 – Quite Frankly Magazine (Print)

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All Images © Marcus Jake 2012-2019